InventionShare’s Portfolio Client Circuit Seed™ Announces Major Integrated Circuit Breakthroughs for Shattering the Analog Wall

Greg Waite, CEO and Founder of InventionShare, announced today at the 2018 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco that due to recent testing of Circuit Seed’s Complementary Current Field Effect Transistor (CiFET™) the analog wall has been shattered.  Mr. Waite said, “We are really pleased with the recent independent tests that demonstrate that Circuit Seed’s CiFET shatters the analog wall and breaks the barrier that has prevented the adoption of linear functionality from evolving along […]

InventionShare Announces Independent Test Results to Confirm Simulations for Circuit Seed™ Complementary Current Injected Field Effect Transistor (CiFET™) Configurations.

Greg Waite, CEO and Founder of InventionShare, announced today from the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco that Circuit Seed™ has completed initial independent testing on their Enigma IC build with Global Foundries 130nm CMOS technology. The test results show a very strong correlation to the simulation results, which validates the claims and […]

InventionShare Publishes Technical White Paper on Circuit Seed’s CiFET Due to Industry Demands for More Detailed Information

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that the company has now published a 72-page technical white paper on Circuit Seed’s CiFET™ Fundamentals due to requests by semiconductor companies and industry partners wanting more definitive information on this invention. The document explains and outlines in detail how the CiFET device works and how it can be […]

InventionShare Client Circuit Seed Announces Breakthroughs with Analog to Digital Circuit Conversions Enabling Analog Designers Greater Flexibility to Meet Specific Requirements for Future IoT, Sensor and Semiconductor Applications

Mr. Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today at the company’s Ottawa office that Circuit Seed™ has had significant breakthroughs for converting analog to digital circuits and can now offer designers greater flexibility to meet specific future requirements for semiconductor, sensor and IoT product applications.

Circuit Seed is a family of inventions that work together to […]

InventionShare to Attend Sensors Expo & Conference 2017 June 27-29 in San Jose Representing Breakthrough Sensing and RF Technologies From Circuit Seed and Sensory Seed

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare™, announced from its Ottawa office today that V.P. of Licensing Keith Taylor will be attending the Sensors Expo & Conference 2017 in San Jose. Mr. Waite said that Circuit Seed™ and its first spin off company Sensory Seed™ will be represented by InventionShare.

Circuit Seed is a team of highly experienced […]

InventionShare Says Circuit Seed’s Sensory Seed Sensor Designs Can Save Lives by Improving Fitness Tracker Accuracy for Major Manufacturers

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare™, announced from its Ottawa office today that InventionShare’s Circuit Seed family of digital circuit designs for processing analog signals can provide more lifesaving protection and perform more accurate measurements by integrating these circuit designs into the next generation of fitness trackers made by major manufacturers.

Mr. Waite was commenting on a […]

InventionShare Client Circuit Seed Launches New CiFET Based Data Converter Circuit for Integration Into Systems on Chip Applications

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that InventionShare’s client Circuit Seed has developed and launched new CiFET based Data Converter circuit implementations that empower conversion between analog and digital signals within any digital or processor based system. This allows for seamless interfacing real-world analog into single on chip applications (SoC).

Mr. Waite said, “What is […]

InventionShare™ Client Circuit Seed™ Releases IoT-IoE Industry Breakthrough with Ultra Low Noise Transimpedance Amplifier (CiTIA) Circuit in Time for IEDM 2016 in San Francisco

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare™, announced today that Circuit Seed™, the world’s best ‘analog in digital’ circuits that help manufacturers make almost every electronic device with analog substantially better, has released its new low noise transimpedance amplifier (CiTIA)  just in time for the 62nd International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2016) being held Dec 5-7th in […]

InventionShare Announces Circuit Seed’s™ Sensory Seed™ for Critical Speed and Accuracy – Providing the World’s Best Automotive Collision, Detection and Avoidance Technologies During LA Auto Show

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced during the LA Auto Show at the LA Convention Center that the injection of Circuit Seed’s, Sensory Seed™ multipurpose sensor systems integrated on a single chip combined into current automotive sensor applications can improve critical speed and accuracy to provide the world’s best automotive collision, detection and avoidance technologies […]

InventionShare Launches Sensory Seed That Will Bring the World’s Best Sensor to the $30.90B Automotive and Transportation Market

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that the company has launched Sensory Seed™ automotive sensor designs that will disrupt the automotive and transportation market by bringing the world’s best sensors and sensor communications to the automotive market. Sensory Seed is InventionShare’s first Circuit Seed™ vertical market; it will use Circuit Seed designs to develop the […]