Mr. Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that the company has recently reviewed past PowerWindings research test results and was able to compile data to support claims of lower material costs and higher outputs using PowerWindings designs.

Keith Taylor, V.P. of Partnerships and Licensing, and the lead working on the PowerWindings file said, “We were asked by companies we are working with interested in the invention to provide test results as well as prototypes to support the claims of lower material costs and higher outputs. Going back to the original documentation and having further discussions with the inventor, we found that tests had been completed by NTS throughout 2014 on a number of designs but no one reviewed them as a complete file. Once we did that and reviewed the outcomes, we were amazed by the results.”

PowerWindings transformer tests were first carried out in March, 2014 by the research and testing firm National Technical Systems of Fullerton California to support patent filings for various PowerWindings designs and given to the Inventor. The tests compared a well-known branded transformer as a base model to the PowerWindings design.

Upon further review by the InventionShare team, the test results show PowerWindings aluminum transformers achieved 94.7 % of the output of the traditional well known branded transformer. This study demonstrated similar performance to the base model using aluminum, which is 68% less expensive than copper.

The second test results showed that PowerWindings copper transformers achieved 130.3% output using the same materials, also demonstrating that there is an opportunity to reduce the amount of materials (steel and copper) and to meet or exceed the output of the base transformer, and reduce the cost.

Mr. Waite said PowerWindings and InventionShare are currently working with a number of firms and looking to partner with others interested in the invention to develop specific applications and prototypes, license the invention and/or provide ways for interested companies to work directly with the inventor on new applications. The PowerWindings invention process is expected to have similar impact on A/C motors and with various applications for large power transformers (LPT) and industrial uses.

InventionShare is currently socializing PowerWindings and looking for partners within the transformer product categories to partner with InventionShare or license these inventions for world-wide or regional markets or for specific product categories within the industry. For more information, contact Keith Taylor at ktaylor(at)inventionshare(dot)com for more details.

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