Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced the acquisition of the exclusive rights to the PowerWindings™ E Transformer invention design technology for world-wide licence and marketing rights. The Power Windings E Transformer design provides an opportunity to design new transformers with better overall performance and less material cost, less weight, smaller size, reduced load losses and reduced emissions.

“Transformers are in a significant number of industry products and any time you can meet an inventor who has a new and innovative design that reduces the cost of production, reduces heat, and increases efficiency and, in this case, reduces the size of a transformer with the same power outputs it will have a significant impact as there are, literally, thousands of business applications for this invention,” said Mr. Waite,

The PowerWindings E Transformer design allows users to obtain a 35% increase in output with the same materials, or use 35% less materials for the same output. The reduction of heat permits increased miniaturization and extended transformer and battery life, which are two of the most important elements required in the micro-transformer market.

InventionShare plans on taking the PowerWindings design application to market by mid-2015 and will be making presentations to interested industry partners shortly.

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